Join the Team!

ECoPaC is a growing research group looking for motivated students interested in social research methods in engineering. Our group fosters a collaborative and inclusive environment that recognizes, supports, and celebrates the contributions and identities of all of our team members.

Before applying to ECoPaC, read our group expectations

Students in our group will:

  • Participate in regular meetings with the research group and ECoPaC director.
  • Assist the principal investigator in the inductive and deductive analysis of transcripts, observations, field notes, and other relevant materials in the project. 
  • Participate in the necessary training for quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis (e.g., SPSS, MAXQDA).
  • Coordinate the data collection for ancillary projects requiring quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. 
  • Summarize findings in a report and assist in editorial elements of papers as needed.
  • Willing to sharpen their communications skills for various forms of dissemination efforts such as publications, workshops, oral presentations, social media, and magazine blog posts. 
  • Work diligently to gain the necessary background by reading the literature, textbooks, or other documentation about human subject experiments in social research. 
  • Abide by the ECoPAC code of conduct and be respectful, courteous, and kind to all group members regardless of their ancestry, religion, gender identity, cultural background, prior experiences, disabilities (apparent and non-apparent), or any difference. 
ECoPaC Why Engineering Education Research?

How to apply to our research group?

For Graduate Students

There are two ways to become part of ECoPaC. You can get accepted directly through the Engineering Education Ph.D. or through selected disciplinary Ph.D. programs. Both options require the student to conduct their thesis work in engineering education research. If you have any questions about the following options, do not hesitate to contact ECoPaC Director, Dr. Rivera, at

Option 1: Engineering Education Graduate Program (Expected to start in Spring 2022).

Our department is new and young, and approval of the Ph.D. program takes time. In the meantime, students can apply and be accepted in the departments of Environmental Engineering or Electrical and Computer Engineering. Then they switch after 1 or 2 semesters before they form their thesis committee.

For more important information about admission to ENV and ECE, check HWCOE Admission Page

Option 2: Selected Disciplinary Graduate Programs.

In addition to their required disciplinary course work, the student will need to complete the Engineering Education Graduate Certificate and conduct their thesis work in engineering education research. Current disciplinary department that ECoPaC director has affiliation: Chemical Engineering MS and PhD Program.

Important to know about Chemical Engineering:

  • If you want more information about the ChE program complete the following Form.
  • We offer application fee waivers for all grad applications (MS, ME, and PhD), but the student needs to fill out this form to request the code: Complete FORM
  • We do not require standardized tests for admission (no GRE required for any program)
  • We admit PhD students to a pool- they do not need to pick an advisor or have a commitment from a faculty member before admission
  • Deadlines for full consideration:  Spring MS/ME: August 15, Fall MS/ME: January 15, and Fall PhD: December 5

For Undergraduates

Undergraduate students can enroll in credit courses (0-3 credits). ECoPaC director can mentor student in the group to apply for funding from the University Scholars (Deadline on February of each year).

To be considered for ECoPaC, send an email to Dr. Rivera at with the following information:

  1. Your resume
  2. A cover letter or statement (2 pages max) describing why your personal experiences make you a good candidate to work at ECoPAC and your motivation to work in engineering education research.
  3. UF unofficial transcripts.

Interviews via Zoom are expected to start as soon as applications are received. Positions will be open until filled.