Rivera-Jiménez is the director of the Engineering Communities & Participatory Change (EcoPaC) Research Group.

This site is about the work, activities, and contributions of the members of EcoPaC.

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ECoPaC Group Picture: Fall 2023

Our Research Group

We aim to understand the role of engineering communities while enacting their agency in participatory and transformational change through work in social research and community outreach activities that serve academia and industry. Learn more:

“The end of all knowledge should be service to others.”

Cesar Chavez, American labor leader and civil rights activist

Community Outreach Efforts

Have you heard the phrase “Research to Practice”? TheEngineeringProfessor.org intends to share ideas and actionable advice on effective and equitable teaching and social research practices from the perspective of a chemical engineering faculty transitioning into engineering education research. So, if you are faculty, staff, industry folk, or student working on engineering education, or if you are transitioning into it, this #SciComm initiative is for you!

Dr. Rivera-Jiménez is the hosts of the first (and only) bilingual podcast that explores the art, science, and politics of being an engineering educator.

As a reflection of her own bilingual experience in engineering, the podcast is recorded in either Spanish or English, depending on the speaker’s language preference. After each episode, she shares a shorter reflection in the other language.

The main objective of this podcast is to promote bilingual intercultural collaboration within the engineering education community. By doing so, she aims to make the podcast accessible to a broader audience and encourage language learning and cultural exchange.

I seek experts like you who want to share their experiences with research methodologies and classroom innovations that could apply to the engineering education context.